Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crush my Head

Oh My Baby (!)

Isn't it adorable <3 

I <3 puppies , but i can't have one . yeah , someday i will adopt one of your kind . HAHA
 I love peace , i love to be alone , i like to hear the sound of the waterfall . It cant make me feel so peacefull , away from the city ~
ahhh , i want my holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (!)


ghees , i was hoping that someday i will die by sitting next to SMOKERS .
 Im so speechless , so speechless baby . T,T

Oh little man ! 

hes so cute =3 

This is the moment where we were heading to McD . >,<
But he is not my lil brother okay ? hes my cousin ^^ . Coyin is his name :)
I don't understand either why is he in this picture act . haha . (suke myemak je budak ne)
xoxoxoxox , <3 ally

LAZY head

I am way too lazy to update my blog T,T
yeah , here is the thing . 1) I dun hve any idea what to write on my post . 2 ) I am lazy , grrrr . 3 ) Been busy with my life (HAHA) . 4 ) Yeah , i hate to let ppl know what im doin . haha . 5 ) i dunno haw to use BLOG .. xD 

Im now currently been doin alot of thing in bedroom , in the kitchen , on the floor , on the phone and my life . HAHA . Its sucks when you know that everybody just can'T stop talking bout you . Annoy , really , i hate it okay ~

Hey , look at those blue sky , isnt it adorable ? =3 
Someday i will touch that sky , :') 

* I am so restless >,<

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



Red head alert , 
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww =3

my hair was superstreamly incredible . 

i hate it at the first time , it makes look like im a chinese lady .

woahhh , 

This is the truth face of mine , 

An innocent look , hahaa xD

Me and my makeup are always united , this picture is taken in early in the morning .

<3 <3 <3

this is my new look , my whole new spirit ^^

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Adore this hairstyles alot (!) im goin to cut my hair soon or later xD
But i did cut my sis hair just like this =3
Creative huh ? 
I can be ur personal hairstylish and ur wardrobe keeper :D

This is my current hairstyles 

Ramona flowers inspired look ^^
Short and sassy <3 
I used to keep my hair short , but now im goin to keep it long .
Regrowth please xD
This is how i fake my look . (LMFAO)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best Friend Forever

                                                     Meet Echa , Naz and Arien 

                                             Date :             2 December 2010 

                                                          LOVE YOU THE MOST <3 

                                                            HERE US UNITED >,<

                                                     MY DEAREST ECHA <3


1) Before we met and become close , me and Naz used to date the same guy . (ouch)

2) We all meet on the battle field . (kawat)

3) It almost 4 years me and Arien become friends ^^

4) They ( Naz and Echa ) studied in collage already (oh senior )

5) We all have been officially MARRIED each other . (awwwww)

6) Naz and I can share our clothes ( we have the same size ) LOL

7) Echa is the Bomb (!) she had the most slim tummy among us but no one can defeat her chubby face xD


                                                                                                                              END OF STORY  =)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010




                           There is someone , i like him , i like him , i like him ALOT (!)
                                   I'm used to waiting for him in YAHOO massanger 
                                    Firstly , i didn't realise and know bout him at all 
                                    but , after i had BB , im started to get bored . >,< 
                                    so , im BUZZ him . haha , he respond (phewwww)
                                             still , hes name will not be NAMED . 
                                          It was so damn hard to get him , urghhh *
                                                       BE PATIENT ALLY (!)
                                            NEW NEW BOYFRIEND COMING 

Moulin Rouge

this year trend , im so so so damn lame . HAHA . i would be dyin just wanna have those dreamy lips

My fav shop , my best friend , my darling <3